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Become A Volunteer Skill Builder

Volunteer Criteria:

Literacy in Action Volunteer Skillbuilders 


Literacy in Action (LIA) is seeking Volunteer Skillbuilders to assist in the animation of family literacy programs on weekday evenings and/or Saturday mornings.


Literacy in Action (LIA) is a not-for-profit volunteer-oriented organization, located in Sherbrooke, Quebec that promotes adult literacy and lifelong learning. LIA designs, delivers, and supports free community-based programs and direct services. Our activities build on core literacy skills and provide hands-on learning opportunities for English-speaking adults and their families in the Estrie region of Quebec.

At LIA, we aim to be inclusive, creative, collaborative, neighbourly and strive to foster empowering learning environments.

Role & Tasks:  As a Volunteer Skillbuilder, you will assist participants during the program activities. You will help set up materials and clean up program spaces and should expect to move boxes of materials and tables. You will take action photos of participants, engage and learn along with them, and be a role model. You will be asked to share your experience, report any problems and feedback from participants, and represent LIA during programs and events.


Why step up: You will contribute to fostering an interactive learning environment for English-speaking communities in different parts of the Estrie region. You will gain skills in program delivery, intergenerational engagement, leadership, and develop your own employability and essential literacy skills in problem-solving, communication, collaboration and adaptability. 


Who we are looking for: Adults who are punctual, dependable, willing to try new things with a cleared background police check and who consider their English-speaking skills to be 5/5, are interested in intergenerational community development learning activities and able to support participants with different ages, learning styles and needs

How to apply: Send your C.V. and cover letter to 

We will get back to you as soon as we can!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Literacy in Action.

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