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🌟 Join LIA's Board of Directors! 

Are you ready to learn and/or share your skills in NPO governance? Do you want to help us make sure that we have a representative board of directors that considers the realities, needs and interests of the various English-speaking communities throughout the Estrie region of the Eastern Townships? Do you have a heart for education and a passion for literacy? Are you interested in learning and growing with us as an organization? Are you seeking a place to gain valuable experience and contribute your skills to a meaningful cause? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Who We Are Looking For:

We are on the hunt for a new board member who’s enthusiastic, innovative, and ready to help us lean into our new strategic plan! We already have an incredible board with a diverse skillset. We would love to have someone who is familiar with research, law, finances and politics. Most importantly though, we are looking for someone who can help us ensure that the needs of the English-speaking communities and low-literate adults are served through the diverse programs and services we offer at LIA.

Your Superpowers: ✨

• Passion for Literacy: You’re a believer in the transformative power of reading and writing, collaboration and hands-on learning experiences.

• Community Spirit: You understand the unique challenges and strengths of npos with a diverse geographical territory.

• Innovative Thinking: You bring fresh ideas to the table and love finding creative solutions.

• Team Player: You’re ready to collaborate, inspire, and lead with a fantastic group of like-minded individuals.

• Commitment: You’re available for 6 - 8 meetings (virtually or in-person) and occasional community events.

You do not need to love grammar. You do not need to have previously participated in our activities, (though that is always a plus). You do not need to have a high school diploma or university certificate. We are someone with perspective, voice and curiosity open to being a part of a learning organization. 🌱 Got questions before putting your name forward? Write to us!

Ready to put your name forward? Apply now and let’s make a lasting impact together! 

Mandate would start August 29th! How to Apply:Send us a letter about why you would be interested to join our board to by August 1st, 2024. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Contact us for more information!


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